Collection: Primary Education Programme

The Primary Education Programme (Prathmik Shikshan Karyakram, fondly called Prashika in short) was initiated to try to bring about a qualitative change in the learning happening at primary levels. The Prashika package focused on the linguistic and numeric abilities and cognitive and affective skills that ensure the overall development of the child at this stage of schooling. The Khushi Khushi books for classes 1 to 5 are the core learning material of this programme and cater to the language, mathematics and environment study needs of the child. A comprehensive set of alphabet, word, picture and number cards and a set of cards to play number games and learn place value are also part of the package and it gives immense space for varied learning activities with children.

In Bhopal, an educational resource centre for primary and pre-primary education was established in 2000, with a resource-cum-reference library for young readers. The centre took up the task of encouraging primary schools in Bhopal to introduce creative activities to catalyse the reading, writing and expression skills of the students.

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