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Aditi Aur Uske Dost Shemeek Kee Talaash Mein

Aditi Aur Uske Dost Shemeek Kee Talaash Mein

अदिति और उसके दोस्त शेमिक की तलाश में
Publisher: Eklavya
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Translator: Poorva Yagnik Kushwaha
Illustrator: Shefalee Jain
ISBN: 978-93-81300-48-0
Binding: Paperback
Language: Hindi
Pages: 72
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An official visit to Prague takes a strange turn. The naughty granddaughter of Princess Libusha casts a spell on Monkeyji, and the only one who can help is Shemeek – the snow white horse. But to reach Shemeek, Aditi and her friends must first deal with rude Sir Sparrow, and get past Old Fiery Blue, the good-hearted dragon intent on a good fight!

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