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Bato, Napo, Bhinn Batlao (Card Pandrive)

Bato, Napo, Bhinn Batlao (Card Pandrive)

बाटो, नापो, भिन्न बतलाओ (कार्ड पैनड्राइव)
Publisher: Eklavya
Author: Mahin MIrza & Eklavya Team
ISBN: 978-93-81300-32-9
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The teaching of fraction has been a subject of great debate and concern over the last several decades. This six part film is a culmination of a three year longitudinal study conducted by Eklavya in the teaching and learning of fractions at the Raipur Government Girls Primary School, Hoshangabad District, Madhya Pradesh. It offers a curricular alternative that radically departs from the standard practice of introducing fractions ass a part of a whole. The study draws on the Realistic Approach to Mathematics Education, that believes in creating appropriate 'model situations' to facilitate conceptual understanding.

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