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Improving Government Schools

Improving Government Schools

Publisher: Eklavya
Illustrator: Akshara Foundation, Alarippu Apf, Swati Dandekar ,
ISBN: 978-938792-69-4-3
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 391
Published: 2021
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Government schools serve the majority of children in our country. These schools have witnessed a decline in their services, and increasingly they are accessed by the poor and the marginalized. Across India, a handful of committed institutions, groups and some individuals have led efforts to improve government schools, in the belief that they could demonstrate or induce an enduring change in the system. Originally published in 2010, this book profiles twenty three such efforts from across India. These are stories of inspiration and insight, written in an accessible style, of interest to practitioners and others engaged with ideas of innovation, change and school reform.

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