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The Sometimes River and Remember, Remember

The Sometimes River and Remember, Remember

Publisher: Eklavya
Author: Nayantara Nayar , Amulya B
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 171
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THE SOMETIMES RIVER In a world of extreme heat, where surface water has run dry, only a small band of humans survive. They live in the complex cave systems beneath the Scrublands, and send Runners out to hunt for food, and Diggers to tunnel for water below ground. When sunlight starts making them sick and their underground wells dry up, they are in trouble Just when it looks like this last outpost of humanity won't last for long, their leader Ahi and the Digger Revathi try to put everything right, but they have challenges to overcome, including death itself. REMEMBER, REMEMBER Manju and Abbalige were the sole survivors from The Great Flood. They now lived in a space between land and sky, manning The Museum of Lost Objects, hoping to return to their land one day. Their job was to take care of lost things till those seeking them came to claim them. Manju also made mechanical replicas of butterflies that had become extinct. They lived like this for a long long time till one day the toy butterflies started moving on their own, and for the first time, a lost child came to them...
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