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Using Children’s Literature in the Classroom - Part I Booklet 6 (ELI Series)

Using Children’s Literature in the Classroom - Part I Booklet 6 (ELI Series)

Publisher: Eklavya
ISBN: 978-93-87926-36-3
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 64
Published: 2020
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The booklet presents a collection of (three) briefs that underscore the importance of libraries and literature for an early language and literacy classroom. In addition to discussing the importance of classroom libraries, the first brief also provides a set of ideas and activities on using the them meaningfully. Second brief focuses on "Read aloud"; discusses it's importance, explains the rationale for conducting them regularly and gives examples to demonstrate the process of planning and conducting them. The last brief helps the reader envision a classroom library, discusses it's role and key aspects and describes how to set up one. 
Practitioner Briefs Booklets are 21 briefs compiled into seven thematic booklets. The ELI team aptly describes these briefs as; a collection of “How-tos” for people working in the field. These briefs draw from the perspectives presented in the blogs (the resource books), and provides with examples, to bring those perspectives in practice in the classrooms.
ELI series is a set of resource books and practitioner briefs by ELI (Early Literacy Initiative), TISS, Hyderabad. Comprised of five Resource books and seven Practitioner briefs, this set consists of  writings on themes ranging from approaches to teaching and learning of literacy, decoding, comprehension to multi-lingual education and children’s literature.

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